Wed, July 8 * 11:00 am (1:00 pm CDT)

Tal Schneider, Chief Diplomatic and Political Correspondent, Globes 

  Israeli Society at a Crossroad: Israel's President Rivlin's New Israeli Order (referring to his famous speech on that theme), looking at Israel's 4 main groups: National-Religious, Secular, Palestinian Arabs, and Ultra-Orthodox and the way forward in a complex, intriguing and spiritually-rich Israel. Discussion facilitated by Steve Zipperstein.

Wed, July 15 * 11:00 am (1:00 pm CDT)

Chemi Shalev, US Editor & Correspondent, Haaretz

Israeli Politics Explained: After a year of repeat elections and political paralysis, Israel finally has a new government - the most bloated in its history. How did we get here? What is the secret of Netanyahu's charm, what historic and social grievances does he draw on and how has he managed to triumph despite standing trial as a criminal defendant? And Israel's despondent center-left - which is closest in its liberal worldview to U.S. Jewry - has been crushed by recent events. Can it ever recover?

Wed, July 22 * 11:00 am (1:00 pm CDT)

Eetta Prince-Gibson, Israel editor of Moment Magazine

Civil Society and the Crisis of Democracy: Despite threats to democracy and social cohesion, Israel has a remarkable civil society working to promote equality, multiculturalism, and liberal values. Can civil society help Israel face the current crises? And what role can the American Jewish community play?



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